A few weeks ago, I was able to spend the day with Pastor Peter while in Hong Kong. We had a wonderful time together and as we planned for 2013. I am amazed to see how much God can do with one individual who is completely sold out for Him. Below are two projects that give an example of the awesome work God is doing through Peter’s ministry.

A. Reaching the Unreached

When: August

How Many: 8 pastors performed training, all local and supported by local church

Where: Unreached area mixed with secularist and muslims.

Who: 50 pastors trained in leadership skills for their blossoming churches.

Impact: approx 2500 people who attend these fellowships in the region.

B. Caring for Orphans

The fellowship where Peter is from is going to start an Orphange. They know they cannot have a building, but instead families will either adopt or foster the children. Not only that, each family has committed to supplementing their education with a home based curriculum that points them to our father. Peter asked Kerusso if we could find a family that would come and model home schooling while helping manage the orphanage.  The fellowship will help pay for the families local cost such as housing and transportation. So do we have a family ready to go? (Anne already had our bags packed, but it can’t be the Clarks this time. 🙂

I know it is difficult at times to see the full extent of how God uses the leaders we develop at Kerusso so it really gets me excited when there is a chance to show you how your partnership is impacting thousands in Asia.

In Christ,