Mission to the Blind – Staff Response

Feedback from those who underwent the Leadership Training that was held on November 12 & 13, 2012:

`The sessions by Mr Jay Clark and Dr Paul Swamidoss helped me to realise my strengths and weaknesses and to improve areas where I have failed. I will now be able to understand our donors and volunteers better and relate to them in a better way.’

`I am thankful for the sessions by Mr Jay Clark and Dr Paul Swamidoss which were very useful and a blessing to me. The group sessions on our vision and mission brought better understanding about a good leader’.

`The sessions of the characteristics, principles of leadership and why leadership is important were very helpful to me. Dr Paul Swamidoss’ talk on Peter and the second chance he received spoke a lot to me. The DISC method helped me to take a fresh look at myself’.

`The sessions led by Mr Jay Clark helped me to reassure the leadership quality I have and motivated me to evaluate my performance as a leader. The video conferencing session with Dr Paul Swamidoss helped me to assess myself – the missionary journey from the day of the Lord’s call till today.  The DISC method helped me to understand my personality, analyse the positives and negatives’.

`The teaching on leadership by Mr Jay Clark was very meaningful as it provided more ideas to develop myself as a good leader. It also gave me insight on how to develop leaders. The Biblical example of Moses was very attractive. The DISC method was something new to me but very interesting. It was a mirror to understand me.’

`The training helped me to understand me and make decisions to grow. The DISC method was very helpful.’

`I want to be a leader with zeal to fulfill the vision and mission of MTB. Dr Swamidoss’ session on Peter was of great help. The DISC method showed my weakness and helped me to correct myself. I received the challenge to do effective work with MTB.’

`It was a great privilege to have the video conferencing from USA on leadership. The DISC was very useful. Mr Jay Clark’s talks, assignments, interactions were very helpful. On the whole I was greatly motivated to fulfill the goals of MTB.’

`Mr Jay Clark’s material on Christian leadership was very clear and comprehensive. The personal qualities of a leader helped me to examine myself. I learnt to focus on achieving the ministerial goals of the mission. Dr Paul Swamidoss’ talk and the method of DISC were very relevant and helped me understand myself and others.’

`Mr Jay Clark and Dr Paul Swamidoss taught us clearly on how to be a good leader. The DISC method helped me to understand my personality and to make corrections in certain areas.’

`Mr Jay Clark’s materials were very useful, specially the myths on leadership and the fact that a good manager is not a good leader. I learnt to be an effective leader. Dr Paul Swamidoss’ talk helped me to build leadership on the proven rocks. I was warned that I can fail under stress. I worked on the DISC for the first time and understood where I fit and the areas where I need correction. I want to teach this material to my team members.’

`I learnt from Mr Jay Clark how to be a godly leader and to align with the vision and mission of my organization. Dr Paul Swamidoss’ talk helped a lot in understanding me. I applied the DISC method and understood where I stand. I have decided to make the needed corrections.’

`Mr Jay Clark’s sessions helped me to expand my thoughts in relation to the vision of MTB. Dr Paul Swamidoss’ session was an eye opener. I was made to see the life of Peter in a different angle and relate the truth to my life.’

`I was blessed by the study on Nehemiah. It encouraged me much. Thoughts on the characteristics of a good leader enabled me to evaluate myself and to make a decision to develop godly characters in me. Dr Paul Swamidoss’ session enlarged my thinking on vision. DISC helped me to think about me and the people around me and to realise the changes I need to make. On the whole the training taught me what my role is in MTB.’

`The characteristic of a good leader helped me to examine myself. I decided to be more prayerful and accountable.’

`I learnt from the study of Nehemiah how to plan, execute the plan in the midst of oppositions, to achieve goals. The study on myths in leadership was helpful. The video conferencing with Dr Paul Swamidoss was first time experience. His talk was thought provoking. I understood myself by the DISC method to choose the good virtues and overcome weak areas.’

`The training sessions helped me a lot. The DISC method made me to understand what type of person I am and what I must do to develop myself.’ (She could not attend the training on the 12th and 13th but was present on the 14th and did the DISC exercise)


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