I am preparing for another trip to Cambodia in which I will continue the “Going Deeper” series. The objective of the series is to expand on the leadership development   principles learned by the 45 participants who attended our development process over the last four years. The workshop is titled Identifying the Right Strategic Opportunities for WRC. 

WRC is not alone. Strategic leadership is a problem for NGOs around the world! Over the past few workshops in going deeper, we’ve established the need for strategic leaders and how to empower them. In this training, we look to the blue ocean for help in learning how to develop and execute a strategic plan.

One of the best frameworks to emerge in recent years to determine strategic plans in an organization is Blue Ocean Strategy by Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne.  Their research dramatically shows the value of pursuing something new (blue ocean) that will meet your community’s needs rather than simply offering the same product as everyone else but just more efficiently (red ocean).

In this lesson we will:

  • Use Blue Ocean strategic thinking frameworks to identify strategic opportunities
  • Develop the mechanisms and vocabulary to focus your resources on the most critical opportunities.
  • Ask the question if there is a fit between a new project opportunity and our capabilities.

The training is centered on effective teamwork from building strategies as a team. WRC has the ability to be a leader in the NGO industry in Cambodia. God has given them a creative mind to think of new ways of reaching communities for Jesus. My prayer is that Jesus uses this workshop to help you learn to take the ideas and make them a reality.


Jay Clark