Nextgen Global Leadership Program

As churches and ministries continue to grow and multiply across the developing world, there is much work to be done to increase the capacity of church and ministry leaders to manage and lead this growth effectively. We have established the Kerusso Institute for Global Leaders to meet this challenge by equipping the leaders with a vision for increasing the influence and impact of the local church. We seek to develop leaders who desire to bring the radical truth, spiritual transformation, and sacrificial action of the gospel into their communities and local environments. Whether through traditional church planting, social programs, or business initiatives, Christian leaders in the developing world must be effectively equipped to meet the demand to disciple, plant churches, and minister. To accomplish this task, these leaders need a fresh systematic approach to leadership development in order to deal with the growing complexity of Christian leadership in the developing world. The Kerusso Institute for Global Leaders was created to serve these leaders to develop their organizational leadership ability to grow churches, networks, social organizations, and businesses to reach the lost.

Who are we looking for?

intensive trainingThe program will focus on serving leaders who have limited access to leadership development programs but are in desperate need of them. The Kerusso Institute for Global Leaders will provide full scholarships for a limited number of selected Christian leaders who meet most of these qualifications:

  • Have a passion to expand church planting networks.
  • Have a desire to meet social needs in their community and country.
  • Have a desire to lead businesses that impact the community for Christ.
  • Come recommended from like-minded organizations.
  • Demonstrate a high motivation to learn and grow. Any university education is helpful but not required
  • Demonstrate a commitment to participate in the full year-long learning program.

Learning Process

equipping leadersThe foundational theory behind the institute is that anyone, regardless of class, gender, and education, has the capacity to grow into an effective organizational leader. We use a participatory learning model that is rooted in the real-life context of the leader in order to help develop practical ministry strategies and solutions, rather than focusing simply on theoretical concepts. Our long-term goal is to help Christian leaders become more effective in guiding their churches and organizations so that their organizations can be more effective in discipleship, planting churches, and integral mission engagement. We also desire for leaders to be transformed internally by demonstrating authentic Christian character that brings light to a dark world. In order for this internal and leadership transformation to take root for long-term impact, we will spend a year with each participant in a cohort of 10-15 entrepreneurial, missional leaders. Those in the cohort will meet quarterly (every three months) for intensive 3-day seminar sessions to develop their capacity to strengthen their organizations to achieve their vision and mission.