Navjeevan Seva Mandal (NSM), India

Navjeevan Seva Mandal (NSM) is a voluntary social organization registered as an NGO with Government of India in 1984. NSM serves for the total transformation of the target community through education, nutrition, healthcare and spiritual nature to children; vocational training and self employment schemes for the youth and awareness creation, community based organizations, micro credit, income generation activities, livelihood enhancement, functional literacy and women empowerment for the community as a whole.

NSM runs 61 projects in 10 States of India in which there are:

  • 23 Children Homes,
  • 2 Child Focused Community Development Programs,
  • 20 Child Development Centers, Child Survival Projects,
  • 2 Educational Projects,
  • 3 Vocational Projects,
  • 4 Medical & Healthcare Projects &
  • 4 Social Welfare & AIDS Projects caring more than 7000 children from the remote villages of India.


To build leadership skills in order to meet the following goals.

  1. Participants will gain knowledge on different subjects.
  2. Missionaries will be able to do their service effectively and productively.
  3. They will work out their  ministry strategically and achieve results beyond our expectations.
  4. Missionaries will be able to rejuvenate their vision and work for the growth and expansion of the Lord’s ministries in the  unreached tribal and rural villages.
  5. Leadership in the organization and program level will be ready at any given point of time.

Expected Outcome: