Past Project: Church Plant in Hong Kong

Within a 20-minute walk of the central clubhouse there are 25 apartment buildings of 60 floors each and 5 buildings of 14 floors each, which in our conservative estimate equals to 30,000 people that are part of the village of Tung Chung.  According to recent research in Hong Kong, approximately 6% of the population professes to be Christian. That would mean about 1,800 believers in the community and 28,200 unreached. Only three churches are currently serving the 30,000 people.

Our strategy is to plant a vibrant interdenominational church in the Tung Chung community. As we plant the church, we will develop local believers into spiritual leaders in Hong Kong and partner with a Hong Kong seminary to give local ministers opportunities for growth and experience.

How Kerusso served the church plant in Tung Chung?
Church Plant in Tung Chung, Hong Kong – Island Evangelical Community Church,, has voted to make the Tung Chung Church a church plant.  This means Jay will be ordained join the elder team and also share responsibilities in being the teaching pastor.  Anne will be coordinating Women’s and Children’s Ministries.