Please keep Jay and the following projects in your prayers this month.

1st. Sishya

An Indian mission organization that desires to Birth & grow unique leaders of Truth, Integrity and Excellence who serve the global community as we follow the Lord Jesus Christ.


  1. Ashok & Sheila 2. Sam & Vasantha 3. Shankar & Blodwen 4. Oze & Samuela  5. Solomon & Jenita  6. Moses & Christina 7. John & Felicia  8. Wilson & Leena  9. John Ravinder & Sudha  10. Praveen & Divya  11. Davis & Jency  12. Ashwanth & Jerlene  13. Ajay & Susan  14. Dulip & Shoba  15. Grace   16. Mercy  17. Ajith  18. Allan   19. Jerry  20. Isaac  21. Joseph   22. Swarup

2nd Mission to the Blind

Mission To The Blind is a nationwide mission evangelising and discipling blind and visually impaired people and training them in leadership. We also extend caregiving to needy blind people through self employment schemes, vocational training etc.  We are a 100-staff team holding various responsibilities as field missionaries, mission mobilisation staff (raising funds and creating awareness in churches), administrative staff and staff in the different departments in the headquarters – administration, braille literature and mail ministry, training of blind young men and women, women’s ministries, communication, music ministry, prayer, research and documentation etc.

For the training programme we will be inviting

– state field administrators                            5

– regional field directors                                3

– area field directors                                      2

– mission mobilisation regional directors       5

– departmental heads                                    5

There will be 20 of them – men and ladies, blind (2 men) and sighted, from 6 different language groups.

(on a side note it will be the first time our workbooks are translated into braille!)

3rd. NSM

Navjeevan Seva Mandal (NSM) is a voluntary social organization registered as an NGO with Government of India in 1984. NSM serves for the total transformation of the target community through education, nutrition, healthcare and spiritual nature to children; vocational training and self employment schemes for the youth and awareness creation, community based organizations, micro credit, income generation activities, livelihood enhancement, functional literacy and women empowerment for the community as a whole. NSM runs 61 projects in 10 States of India in which there are 23 Children Homes, 2 Child Focused Community Development Programs, 20 Child Development Centers, Child Survival Projects, 2 Educational Projects, 3 Vocational Projects, 4 Medical &Healthcare Projects & 4 Social Welfare & AIDS Projects caring more than 7000 children from the remote villages of India.


  1. Mr. Henry
  2. Mr. Daniel
  3. Mr. Isaac Iduman
  4. Mrs. Kalaiselvi
  5. Mr. Barnabas
  6. Mr. Uthirakumar
  7. Mr. Boopathy
  8. Mr. David
  9. Mr. David
  10. Mr. Richard
  11. Mr. Nantha
  12. Mr. Kanagaraj
  13. Mr. Gnanaprakasam
  14. Mr. Dhanapaul
  15. Mr. Kandasamy
  16. Mr. Annansamy
  17. Mr. Ebinesan
  18. Mr. Thomas
  19. Mrs. Jeya
  20. Mr. Isreal
  21. Mr. John
  22. Mrs. Mabel
  23. Mr. Franklin
  24. Mr. Arumugam
  25. Mrs. Jebaselvi
  26. Mrs. Inbarani
  27. Mrs. Rachel
  28. Miss  Pramila
  29. Mr. Isaac
  30. Rev. Pichaimuthu
  31. Mr. Kamaraj
  32. Mr. Devenbu
  33. Mr. Stanley
  34.  Jayapaul
  35. Mr. Jeevaraj
  36. Mr. Gnanaraj