As the church in China continues to grow in number, the church leaders are having difficulty with developing enough leaders to train and organize the people.

The objectives for the leadership development project are as follows:

  • Train pastors to identify and develop leaders in the church.
  • Attract college students by using the NextGen Global Leadership Program as a ministry tool.

Desired Results

In any project, you have to know what results you are seeking in order to adequately measure the success of the project.  The difficulty with leadership development is that it has a long-range impact that you cannot fully see for years, so it is important to identify short and long-term results.

A: Short-term:

  • Empowered church leaders who are creating discipleship/evangelism projects,  in other Chinese provinces and around the world.
  • Empowered Christian college graduates that use their training to be leaders wherever they are sent after college.
  • Opportunity to minister to non-Christian college students who attend our workshops or take our online courses.

B: Long-term

  • Opportunity to consult with Chinese leaders who will begin organizations that are Christ-centered.
  • A network of leaders who are spread throughout China that will ask for our help in other provinces and cities.