Center of Pastoral Retraining and Perfection – Overview and Strategy:

A group of pastors and evangelists led by Pastor Ephraim Manirakiza came together to share vision on what can be done to face  challenges of our churches in Burundi and Africa nowadays and came up with the need of training pastors and evangelists in our area in preaching mainly. Our ministers have vocation to serve the Lord and are actively doing it, but a great number of them (if none) have poor background in biblical and theological studies. Some believe that there is no need for human teachers to train them because the Holy Spirit empowers them to do their ministry. Consequently, many people do not know well the truth of God as revealed in the Bible even though there are many preachers. There are some who know the truth, but do not know how to transmit it to people. In addition, there is a high rate of the spread of false teachings. For instance, there are false teachers who teach people that there is no need for church building because Jesus did not use church buildings; there are those who are against church leadership; there are who support polygamy by saying it is biblical.  Therefore, we have felt a need of training pastors and evangelists in preaching and other domains they need most for better health of the church in Burundi and our neighbor countries.


Every minister in Burundi and neighbor countries is equipped spiritually and physically to preach the gospel by words and deeds.

Key verse: 1Timothy 4:16

Mission: Train, equip, retrain and follow up ministers in order to communicate and preach the gospel by words and deeds.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To start and equip a Center of Pastoral Retraining and Perfection which will strengthen evangelical activities of churches and Christian ministries in Burundi and neighbor countries of Burundi.
  • To retrain pastors, evangelists and other leaders in different domains, such as preparation and delivering sermons, evangelism, discipleship, leadership, communication, conflicts resolutions, preparation of projects, stewardship or peace building
  • To install evangelical mini-libraries and bookshops
  • To assist materially pastors and their members
  • To train and supervise preachers’ clubs
  • To write, translate and multiply books and other related materials in Kirundi, Swahili, French and English
  • To supply and avail materials needed by servants of God
  • To avail and sell materials to a good price
  • To broadcast the gospel on radio and television

How does Kerusso serve CPRP?

  • Advising: Assisting Pastor Ephraim in developing the organization from a vision to a reality.
  • Financial: Providing funds to train the pastors and pay for administrative duties for CPRP.