India has over 400 tribal groups. Of these the Bhil people group is the 3rd largest group numbering more than 10,000,000.  Shalom Mission exists to take the gospel of Christ to these people and build His Church.

The beginning of the Mission

Bro. V. Devadoss and his wife Sis. Vahitha Devadoss had a calling from God to serve among the unreached in the northern part of our nation.  When they prayed together fervently saying ,”Give us Oh  Lord, one whole tribe of people in our life time for your Glory”, God took them among the Bhil Tribe and guided them to realize their vision.


The Bhil people group spans over three states in India. Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. There is an estimated 7,000 Bhil tribes spread throughout this region. At the moment, Shalom Mission has reached over 1,000 of these tribes. With a vision of reaching all 7,000 tribes, Shalom will have to develop more effective Bhil leaders. The need is for Shalom to create an organizational leadership development program that will identify 8-10 organizational leaders that will be the future senior leaders of Shalom. To accomplish this need, the current 12 organizational leaders, who are Tamil, need more organizational leadership development in order to properly mentor the Bhil leaders.

Project Plan

  1. Continue to develop current 12 organizational leaders:
  2. Create an organizational leadership development program for Bhil leaders: (in order to reach the goal of Bhil leaders in the senior team by 2020)

Long-term goals; lasting impact

The long-term goal is that Shalom will be led by Bhil leaders. Bhil reaching the Bhil with the lasting impact being that all 7000 tribes have a believer and a growing church.