• Cohort 1 – Starting Late 2016 – Fall 2017


  • Dr. Jay Clark
    From over 10 years of consulting experience in the US and an international market, Jay has gained valuable insights on strategy development, management challenges and practices, and leadership development. Currently, Jay manages Nextgen Global Leaders PTE LTD in Singapore. Jay also founded Sun Consulting Services and managed the offices in the U.S. and Hong Kong. Under Jay’s leadership, Sun Consulting was able to be a pioneer in China for the consulting industry by working with a state-owned oil/gas company and a large publicly traded technology company. Jay has developed a network of global partners in Asia, Africa, Europe, India, and the Middle East for Sun Consulting Services. He also opened the SCS office in Hong Kong.From his experiences of working in emerging markets around the world, Jay developed the Nextgen Global Leaders Program. This program is for corporations and non-profit organizations that are transforming into global companies and need to identify, train, and manage top talent in order to expand globally. Jay has worked with HR departments of both large and small organizations to link their corporate strategy with the leadership development program. Jay specializes in helping firms increase profits with global strategies that include Market Assessments, Market Entry, Global Channel/Distribution Management, Sourcing Products, and Investments.Jay’s background is filled with starting for-profit companies and non-profit organizations in three countries. In 2008, Jay founded Kerusso Foundation, Inc a 501c3 charitable organization based in Dallas, TX. Kerusso exists to develop Christ-centered leaders in the emerging world. Kerusso currently has projects in China, India, Cambodia, and has worked in Hong Kong, Burundi, and Uganda. Jay Clark currently lives in the Singapore area after living in Hong Kong, Egypt, and Jordan. Jay is married to Anne, and they have five daughters.Education & Training
Jay has PhD in Leadership Studies from Tennessee Temple University. He earned an MBA from Auburn University (U.S.A.) specializing in managerial leadership, and during his graduate training, he studied at the Czech Management Center in Prague, Czech Republic. The research was on companies doing business in emerging markets. Jay also received a B.S. in Management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (U.S.A).
  • Mr. Tim Amstutz
    Tim is passionate about helping indigenous leaders and organizations in Asia to lead with greater effectiveness and impact. He spent the past 14 years leading the work of World Relief, a Christian international development organization, in Cambodia and across Asia. He brings a deep knowledge and understanding of and experience in Cambodian and Asian cultures to help Christian leaders build healthy, authentic ministries that integrate the gospel and transform communities.Tim also serves as the Chairman of the Board of KREDIT Microfinance, and helped to develop and strengthen the company from a small NGO program to a large social enterprise improving the economic stability of 100,000 customers and their families.  Tim has broad experience working with a variety of organizations and directors, including NGOs, churches, and social enterprises. He is a sought after conference speaker and workshop leader at many conferences in Asia, but his deepest love is in facilitating others in their own development through interactive, participatory group learning activities. He is partnering with Jay in NextGen Global Leaders to help leaders clarify and effectively communicate their vision and values and help them translate their vision and values into effective strategies for strengthening their organizations and transforming communities.Tim completed his university studies at Wheaton College in the US, and is married with three grown children and two grandchildren.