This week we have two new activities – ballet and fish watching. Both girls took a free trial ballet class at a local studio near us. Even with the differences in language and culture, they had a great time! We are thinking about making ballet our summer activity. (Click here to view pictures)

The fish were a party favor from the birthday party of one of the children we know from church. It was a beach party, so the fish fit the theme. A flower vase is the only thing we have that is glass, so we put them in there and got some food at the market. We started with three, but Sally didn’t make it through the week. We were sure the other two wouldn’t make it since we have no special tank, water, or even the correct food (we accidentally got the food for those huge pond gold fish). Not only have they survived, but apparently we have a male and a female because they have had babies! We got home from ballet, and Sarah asked what little pieces had fallen in the fish vase. I looked and saw that they were live babies! So, after reading on the internet and separating the babies from the parents, we are now breeding tropical fish. Nothing like adding a little pet anxiety to our lives.

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