Hong Kong is made up of a few hundred islands. While we will never get to all them, we did take a boat to one of the outlying islands in the South China Sea. Our next door neighbors came with us, and we were glad to have them as they are from Hong Kong and have two kids, Stanely age 4.5 and Suki age 5.5.(click here to view pictures)

The island has the basic Taoist temple and fishing boats, no cars allowed and beautiful beaches. This one even had a pirate cave on one end of the island, so we took a little boat to find it. It felt like it was over 100 degrees most of the day and with no transportation, we were exhausted by the time the day was over.

We just tried our hardest to be a godly witness to our neighbors and show Jesus’ love to them and each other:) When we were looking at one of the Taoist temples, the people were bowing and lighting the incense sticks and Sarah loudly proclaimed that they were worshipping the pretend god and that Jesus is the real God. We were glad to see another prophet in the family, but we did have a little talk about sensitivity.

We pray our neighbors, along with many here in Asia, will come to know the real God. Thank you for praying along with us. I have attached pictures of our trip and our neighbors.