This was our family’s first time to go to Disneyland, and it was in Hong Kong! It is located on Lantua island so now we are just 10 minutes from it! The girls just loved everything about it. We went with another family from Michigan who moved here about the same time we did. (Click here to view pictures)

It was so fun to just play the tourist for a day and relax and have a somewhat normal outing. Although, there was Chinese spoken over the speakers, Chinese food in all but one restaurant (and even then, the menu said fish tail and rice burger), and the ice cream stand sold milk and green tea frozen bars, orange sesame seed frozen bars and blackcurrant jelly frozen treats!

Since it was our first Disneyland experience, we had no expectations, so everyone had a very very good time. Sarah has known since we moved here that the princess castle was very near to our house, so she was happy to go and visit it and see all the princesses.