There are very good reasons why we haven’t updated the blog in over 4 months! Well, even if they are ‘good’ reasons, I will offer them anyway :)

Jay was in the middle of kidney stone pains and ended up undergoing 3 surgeries before it was all over. I was so sick with this pregnancy that daily family survival was difficult. And then we traveled to the States for the months of November and December.

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We are now back in Hong Kong, and it is COLD. We didn’t know it ever felt this cold in HK since we have never been here during the winter before. After we returned it took us about a day to break down and pay the money to buy a little fan heater as there is no heating in the homes here.  Then when the temperature dropped again, we bought a radiator type heater. It gets pretty cold up here on the 27 floor with a wall of windows facing the ocean and with porcelain tiles covering all floorspace.

Jay is completely kidney stone free now and I am feeling much better after getting my diabetes, anemia, sinus problems and acid stomach all treated. I did have to go to the hospital for 2 days here last week because the doctor thought my sugar levels were too high. It was basically a 2-day diabetes test. They threatened to put me on insulin injections unless I maintained a very very strict diet. I promised so they let me out of the hospital. I was all ready for the next 5 weeks of strict dieting, but after two days I have struggled! At least the hospital experience helped to prepare me for what is ahead – the ward of 8 non-English speaking women in labor, the communal bathroom, the unidentifiable food with only chopsticks available, the meat  (slimy, jellylike soup) for breakfast, and the beautiful pink attire.

The baby is still breech, so we are praying it turns in time. The doctor wants to induce by February 26th.

The girls are happy to be back in their own home with their room and toys and such. The miss their American friends so much though, so we are working hard to meet up with friends here and plan playdates.

Thank you to all of you who made our time in the States so wonderful. We had a great holiday there and miss you very much.