Ms. Gail Maidment, a beautiful, confident woman with an evangelical heart for God, left Australia 20 years ago with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) and came to Hong Kong. As she ministered here, she felt God calling her to start a Christian preschool, a rarity in this part of the world. Today, Ms. Gail is the principal of Small World Christian School. She has never married and has poured her life out as an offering for the Lord, and the lives of many children and parents have been blessed because if it. We found this school through some fellow Christians when we arrived, and Sarah Grace would say it has been one of the best parts of her time here so far. (Mommy would say it has been a godsend, as well!) And this week, she had her preschool graduation. She will be going to primary school next year (if all goes well with the interview on Tuesday). It was fun to see her so excited with all of her friends. She has been expressing some culture shock in her own way lately. She told me that she doesn’t like it when people speak Chinese words over and over but that she wants to go to Texas where they speak normal words. My Chinese neighbor told me that when Sarah was over there playing and the mom asked if she wanted something to eat, Sarah said, “Yes, but no Chinese food.” Most of the kids speak some English though, and she really likes to play with the new friends that she has made. We are all adjusting and trying to be sensitive to each other’s struggles. (Click Here to view pictures)

Hannah and I are sick right now and taking antibiotics. Taking her to the doctor was an experience – I called the office and the lady said, “No more appointments today and no one in office afternoon.” With Hannah’s fever and white spots on her throat, I thought I should try hard to get in, so I asked, ” When can I come?” The lady said that walking in is fine, but there are just no more appointments, and they close at 12:45pm. Wow!, I asked our neighbor to take Sarah to the bus and rushed Hannah to the doctor. When we walked in, we were put right into the line-up. It was great!(who needs appointments!) As we sat in the waiting room, I had to keep an eye on Hannah because apparently the doctor’s office is also the pharmacy and the receptionist is also the pharmacists. There were medicines everywhere – on the floor, under the table, beside the chairs, on open shelves. And they were in large quantities. Of course, the office was as big as a normal-sized bathroom. But it was very convenient to see the doctor, get a diagnosis and get the medicine (mixed by the receptionist) all in the same place and within 30 minutes.

Fish update:Our fish are still thriving, and all 7 babies are growing by the day.

Thanks to all who have sent care packages. We check the mail a lot in hopes of fun things from America – you know, like tortillas! And if anyone can figure out a way to send real chedder cheese, let me know.