Hello Friends and Family,

I want to thank all of you for your prayers.  The trip went very well and all of my meetings I could feel your prayers.  I wanted to share quickly about two stories that amazed me and shows how God gives us so many opportunities to share his love.

First, the books that we took for the pastor were delivered without any problems.  I had a wonderful time with my friend and he continues to amaze me with his love for Jesus.  Which leads me to the first story.  The morning the pastor stayed with me we woke up and had a devotional together.  Well, something very strange happened my bible on my pocket pc would not work.  So I needed one of the bibles that I brought with me.  We had a wonderful devotion and prayer time and then set out for the day.  He left late that night and forgot the bible that I used.  It was upsetting because I wanted it to go to the people.  I was leaving for Shanghai the next morning and so I thought I would just leave it in the room and hope someone would get it there.  Just as my taxi was about to leave a worker came running up saying that I forgot my book.  I was thinking noooo, i wanted to leave it.  My only choice was to take it with me.  It was an early morning flight so I was going to wait and read my devotional on the plane.  Guess what? my pocket pc bible still would not work.  As the flight progressed, I saw a row open with the middle and aisle seat vacant.  So I moved to this row to give more room to the other two guys on my row.  As I moved to the new row, my food was coming so I laid the bible down on the middle seat with the cover facing up to save my place.  At that time, a young woman that was sitting at the window seat ask me, What does Holy mean? I have never been asked that question before.  After talking, I found out her grandmother was a Christian and gave her many bibles, but she was a product of the generation before the cultural revolution and communism.  So I asked the girl, why are you not a Christian?  She did not know. I took the opportunity to share with her that Christianity is much more than a list of things to do, but it is about a relationship between you and Jesus.  I said that Jesus loves you very much and wants to have a relationship with you.  She took the news very good.  She still could not understand why a businessman was reading the Bible.  I told her that the bible applies to everyone and it gives me guidance in my life as a business person.  The great news is that she gave me her phone number and I have contacted people where she lives to give her a call.  They will be able to explain in Chinese!

The other story was when I was traveling on the train with my translator.  She was very talkative and I personally was exhausted and ready to come home.  I was not in a very talkative mood, but she kept insisting to talk with me.  She asked about my family and I told her about Anne and the girls.  She then asked what I wanted my girls to grow up and be.  I thought for a second and said what they become is not as imprtant to me than who they become.  I told her the most important thing to me is that my girls have a personal relationship with Jesus and that they live a life that is dedicated to following his teachings and guidance.  At this point she stopped talking as much, but later asked if this would bring them happiness.  I said there is not a great joy in having a relationship with Jesus and I want to model this to my daughters on a daily basis.

Please be praying for “Jenny and Carrie”.  Pray that they have more questions and that we can find local people to go and meet with them.

Also, please be praying for us.  Since I returned we have been attacked in so many ways by the enemy.  Someone has stolen my checkcard that was sent to my business address and withdrew over $2,000.  Today, we found out someone was using my personal checkcard, which we have no idea how they got the number, and was buying christmas gifts we presumed at Kmart in New York.  This not coincidental

I hope you will enjoy our blogs.