We are in Texas! And we will be here in Plano for almost 9 months. Through some amazing and providential events, we have been brought back to Texas for a short time while Jay spends time on some projects here in Dallas. He will still be going to back to China often but will be spending 3/4 of his time here in Texas. So, keeping with our goal of staying together as a family, we all moved across the Pacific (again). We are happy to be here and see you all during this time, so please email us as we would love to get together and visit.

We loved our time in Hong Kong so far and although it seemed to go by fast in some ways, we feel we have lived a lifetime there.

I am working on finding the camera cord in order to attach some pictures of our new place and what we are doing here. As soon as I locate it, I will write another entry with pictures.

Looking forward to hearing from you.