People say that passing kidney stones and having a baby are similar…the jury is still out on that one.

Sorry for the long lapse in time without an update. We have had some circumstances that have prevented us from writing.The good news is that I am about 3 months pregnant! Unfortunately, I have been quite sick and unable to get around or even get up some days. But I finally got to the doctor today after a very long process (a cultural experience to explain at another time!), and after going to 5 different treatments rooms in 2 ½ hours, taking my blood, urine (which each pregnant woman tests herself), weight (which sounds much better in kilograms!), and height (although the measuring instrument didn’t go high enough for me so we all just guessed!) – I finally got to hear the baby’s heartbeat! (click here to view pictures.)

During this past month, Jay has been having trouble with kidney stones. It turned into an emergency one Sunday night, and he was taken to the hospital and admitted for treatment. He is recovering and hopes to be back to normal soon.

With all the health issues going on, we haven’t been able to get off our island so we are trying to find fun outings for the girls close to home. There is a water fountain near our house that shoots water out of the ground and everyone just runs through and plays in it. We took the girls there and they just loved it. We will be spending more time there, I’m sure. We also visited the beach on the south side of our island this past weekend and the girls had lots of fun. (see pictures under “Kidney Stones and a Baby” to the left)

We hope to write more regularly now, and we would love to hear from all of you, too!