No matter where you go, one thing is always similar – the kids. And now that we have kids, this is much more obvious. They have made friends here and their little relationships are just like the ones they had back in America -only the languages spoken are varied and jumbled and they use more sign language:) (click here to view pictures.)

Sarah Grace and Hannah both feel more secure when they have friends near them that they can call their own. I guess we are all like that. So, when we moved here and knew no one, it took a toll on us all. We are so blessed to have met people that have become our friends here in Hong Kong. They come from many countries – Australia, Canada, Laos, Singapore, Denmark, Brazil, Japan, Britain, Hong Kong, mainland China, New Zealand, the Philippines and the list goes on.

And eventhough we are moving again, we are coming back to our wonderful friends in the States! (I have attached some pictures of the girls and some of their friends).