Manith Yin is the Executive Director of M’lup Russey Organization. She recently attended the Nextgen Global Leaders Program by the Kerusso Institute for Global Leaders in Cambodia. Kerusso exists to build a movement of mature, authentic, servant-hearted, Global Leaders who bring the truth and transforming power of the gospel to their communities, countries, the region, and the world through multiplying and self-sustaining strategies.

The Khmer Rouge was a horrific genocide event in Cambodia that took place in the 1970’s that still has repercussions on the country today. It wiped out a generation of leaders in Cambodia. The new leaders that grew up in the 90’s and 2000’s, had limited access to mentorship, coaching and leader development. It is in this environment that Manith grew up. She also faces challenges as an evangelical Christian leader in Cambodia. Today, of the almost 16 million people living in Cambodia, only 1.6% are evangelical Christian.

Cambodia is also a culture where it can be difficult to be a woman leader. Do to this difficulty, Manith has adopted a peace-making attitude where she does not want to cause any conflict. She feels that people have tried to take advantage of her in the past due to this attitude. Manith expressed that she has developed some weaknesses over time in empowerment, accountability, and forgiveness.

Even with these challenges, Manith rose to Executive Director of Mlup Prussey. In the midst of this harsh environment M’lup Russey’s mission is to support, nurture and strengthen families in communities so that they have ability in managing and caring for family members, especially children. They provide services to young people, so that they can live safely in communities and develop as healthy individuals and promote best practice in alternative care. Manith has to become a global leader because of donor relationships, program management, and collaboration. It is in this environment that Manith was accepted into the Kerusso Institute for Global Leaders.

Manith stated that the Nextgen Global Leaders Program has done a lot to help her with the challenges that she faces in Cambodia. The program has strengthened her resolve and allowed her to build a plan for herself and her organization. Manith believes that she can now better handle conflict when it arises. She has learned how to be an adaptive leader and a servant leader. “I have learned a lot to adapt myself as a leader, and I try to apply, even through my daily life, in my family, and in my organization.” – Manith Yin

Manith plans to use the knowledge from the course to strengthen her leadership skills at M’lup Russey Organization. She will build a strong strategy for their work that they can clearly pass on to others. This will allow their organization to continue its great Kingdom work.

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