Our July 4th looked a little different this year. We did get to see some fireworks on nearly the same night as the 4th since Hong Kong celebrates their ‘independence’ from England and reinstitution to communism on July 1. A little ironic for the fireworks to mean such different things to different people at the same moment. We also were able to bring with us our red, white, and blue clothes! We were a little odd walking around China dressed like our flag, but we had fun doing it. The best part about the week was hosting our friends from Northern China. (Yes, you can fit two families in a 1000 sq. ft. apartment. And we hosted 20 people for dinner, too!) He is a pastor of a church in China, and they came to Hong Kong to meet with like-minded people here for encouragement and support. He is about to launch a long-term ministry in Sichuan where the recent earthquake occurred. His wife and two-year old daughter speak no English, but it was good for me and the girls to try our limited Chinese – and we all got better at charades. (Click here to view pictures.)

They wanted to treat us to lunch on the 4th, so instead of the usual American BBQ on Independence Day, we had a smattering of floating fish parts, several types of mushrooms I had never seen before, and lots of other mysterious creature parts floating in equally mysterious watery substances. But I did discover the fried noodle that day for which I am very excited. We are all getting used to chopsticks again. The girls are really into it. Sarah is determined, and Hannah is just dangerous so far. But we are working on it. Hope you all had a great July 4th!