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Rebekah Hope Clark was born on February 27, 2009 in Princess Margaret Hospital in the Lai King area of Hong Kong. She was 4.2 kilos, which is 9lbs. 3 oz.  There were 30 other babies, all Asian, in the nursery when Rebekah was born (and their mothers were in the same room as Rebekah’s mother), and Rebekah wasn’t the biggest – she was the third biggest. The hospital doesn’t measure height here for babies, so we had to wait until we got home to pull out the tape measure. She turned out to be 21 inches long, according to our efforts.

We will have a lot of firsts with Rebekah, even though this is our third child.  She is the first of our children to come home from the hospital with us in a taxi! She is the first to not have a baby crib (as it won’t fit in our little house). She is the fist to not have a carseat (since we are like most of the population here and don’t own a car).

Rebekah is now two months old and fitting well into the daily life of our family. She is a lovely baby, and Sarah and Hannah smother her with love, literally:) She is officially smiling and laughing.  She doesn’t like to be alone, but sits quietly most of the time when she is in the room with the action.

As Mommy continues to emerge from the fog of being a new mom again, hopefully the blog entries will become more frequent. Thanks so much to all of you who sent notes, emails, and gifts of congratulations. Every one of them brings encouragement to us as we are so far from y’all. Thank you.