We took an adventure trip to a hundred year-old coastal village called Sai Kung. It was nice to get away from the city and enjoy the village pace. We saw tons of sea creatures of which we didn’t even know the names, and we took a sampan boat to Ma Shun island to play in the sand and swim around in the water. It was so beautiful with so many islands popping out of the China Sea. This family outing did actually bring a big issue to the forefront for me. In Hong Kong there are so many people in such tight quarters (very little land space on very little islands) that thinking about the individual is disregarded because it just takes so much energy and seems impossible in light of the masses. So, the culture is passive aggressive which shows up in the work place, in families, and in the public transport (the hardest one for me).  The subway system (MTR) has very few turnstile areas for strollers or wheelchairs and very few elevators as well but many escalators.  Also, seats on the MTR are hard to come by at times. Most people avoid looking at me (as I push the double stroller of two preschoolers) while cutting me off as I try to get in the elevator or while pushing past me to get the only available train seat or running up ahead of me to get in the line of people with nothing in their hands who want to go through  the big turnstile instead of going through any of the 12 other normal-sized ones. Even when walking, people will come straight for you as they look down texting on their phone so that you have to go out of your way with the double stroller to miss them and then try to maneuver the big stroller up or down (scary) the escalator because the elevator was taken twice now by individuals with no reason to take it over the escalator.  Since we are daily on public transport, I have had some frustration building up that has turned to anger and bitterness. God used our trip to Sai Kung, some scripture and recent devotions to remind me of His grace to us. We are so undeserving and so despicable at times, yet Jesus died that we might live and He sends us new mercies each morning to offer us an abundant life.  With his last breaths, he said to forgive those crucifying him because they didn’t know what they were doing! And I have trouble showing grace and love to the Chinese woman who took the last seat on the MTR or the man who cut me off from getting into the elevator. If we who love the Lord can’t show His love to the lost, how will they know of His salvation? Shine through me, Lamb of God. Love through me that all may see – the glory of the Lord. (Click here to view pictures.)