Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a great Christmas and beginning of 2007.  The Clark family can definately say we had a full adventure.  We traveled to Alabama on Tuesday, 19th, stayed in Monroe, Lousiana and then finished the trip on Wednesday.  Everything was going great until the 23rd when a 6-point Buck (White-Tail Deer) decided to join Anne, Hannah and my mom in the van.  The blessing was nothing but the van was hurt.  The bad thing is the van was really hurt.  It is going to take two weeks to repair.  Even with this problem, we still were able to have a great Christmas in Alabama.  It was my first time back in Alabama for Christmas since 1999, and it was Anne, Sarah Grace and Hannah’s first trip to Alabama for Christmas.

As we returned, we tried to get settled in.  I only spent 9 or 10 nights at home in the month of December so it was nice to get back to my bed!  The topping to a great Holidays was going to the Cotton Bowl to see the beloved Auburn Tigers.  It was truly a worship experience.  No, I was not worshing Auburn even though I have been known to do this, but instead it was a chance to worship God for being a loving Father who gives to His children abudantely.  In my 32 years of going to Auburn games, I have many awesome memories, but the most important is the memories with my family.  Being with my dad to watch Auburn play hard but eventually lose to Alabama in 1981, which Bear Bryant won his 315th game. Driving to Tallahassee, Florida in 1989 with my brother, or in 2002 going to the Auburn-Georgia game with my mom.  Although these are great memories, they do not compare to going to my first Auburn game with my family.  What a blast! God provided tickets at the right time, but our God also cares about details. He provided tickets in the sun, which was important, a good view of the field, which was important to me, and directly above the Auburn band and cheerleaders that featured Aubie, which was very important for Sarah Grace and Hannah.  The joy I saw in their eyes was the same I had when I was a young kid at an Auburn game.  To hear Sarah sing the fight song with the band, or Hannah reply War Eagle to a stranger who walked by before the game.  All of these are memories I will always Cherish. Provided by our Heavenly Father to his Children. I cannot forget my incredible wife.  She will always be an Aggie and I will always want her to be, but deep down the Auburn spirit is growing in her also. Any woman who will sit in the cold to give her husband the joy of taking the family to a football game is a godly woman.

So even with Satan’s attacks of people stealing money from our business account, or a deer jumping onto our van, God still works all things out for the good who love and are called by him.

Have a Happy 2007!

Jay Clark