There is one other American family that lives near us, and they have one daughter named Ada who is Sarah’s age. Ada’s mother and I decided on the spur of the moment Friday morning to take the kids to another island where the Goldfish and Ladies’ markets are located. There a several famous markets in Hong Kong and these are two of them. The Goldfish market does have a lot of fish to buy and other sea creatures and also some dogs (mainly miniatures) and cats and rodents. The Ladies’ market has no ladies, but it is filled with things a lady might want to buy like jewelry – the little stalls reminded me of Sam Moon – and some shoes and clothes and some kids toys and trinkets, too. It was fun to spend a morning in the local streets seeing fun animals and creatures and toping it off with purchasing a pink sparkly bracelet. A full day. No strollers could fit through the small walkways, and the girls both let me know how walking a lot makes them tired. And by their whining, I see that they view being tired as a bad thing. Living in Asia, walking is what you do more than any other activity, so we are in training with a long way to go. I took some pictures of the girls looking at the markets. Hope you enjoy them! (Click here to view pictures.)