We went to the highest place on Hong Kong Island called The Peak. You have to take a tram that goes straight up the mountain. At the top are shops and trails and look-out points and a playground. The girls had a great time seeing Hong Kong from so high up, and they always love a good playground. Jay and I just couldn’t get enough of the views from the playground. (click here to view pictures.)

We had such a wonderful day and turned to God in thanksgiving. I am seeing more and more that all good things really do come from God. We can try to make some good things happen in our lives. But when we are at a place with no control or understanding (like in a foreign country with a foreign language and culture), it is so easy to see the hand of the Lord – good things in the midst of a hard world. God gave me a love for travel and other places and peoples. But living overseas is also the hottest furnace I’ve known – and I thank Him for loving me to make me into something pure and holy for His glory. I’ve been thinking why I always want to go to new places and foreign lands when that is the very place of struggle, where I come to the end of myself and all is really stripped away. I guess, I love adventure and a good romantic journey – and that is what the Christian life is to the fullest. And it really does have a secure and happy ending! I can sometimes glimpse a vision of a life lived completely sold out for God totally for His glory and walking in His will. And the desire to have that life and to intimately know my Maker and to share His salvation that others might have this adventure, too – that is why I choose the furnace. And only by God’s grace and mercy am I able to stay and to stand it during the hard times. For He is good and all good things, truly good things, really do come from Him.