As you know, we had to move from our first apartment due to the jackhammering on our ceiling and also the price was unbearable – 4 times more than a high mortgage payment in the US. We moved out to an area called Tung Chung on Lantua Island near the Hong Kong Airport and the rent is less than half what we were paying and the apartment is a huge 1200 square feet! We are so excited to be here. It does take some time and lots of walking to get into the city, but the community out here is nice. We have made lots of friends and many of the families have outdoor BBQ-type parties and get togethers. The girls like having such a close-knit community, but they really are having a hard time with all of the walking required to get from one place to another as we have no car. Living downtown, there were many options for public transport to go even one block. Out here on Lantau Island, the pace is a little slower and the transport a little more sparse, unless you are going into town, of course. (click here to see more pictures)

Most every family here has a domestic helper who cleans, grocery shops and nannies the children. There is a tiny room in the kitchen in each apartment for the helper. Most come from the Philippines or Indonesia. Our helper is Auntie Rachel (Auntie is what you call all helpers), and she is from the Philippines. The girls love her, and I am so happy that she cleans my house, mops my floors, does the dishes (no dishwashers here), organizes everything and irons our clothes. We decided to get a part-time helper and not have anyone live with us, so Rachel comes on Tues. and Thursdays for several hours. She stays late on Tuesday nights to provide a date night for me and Jay!

The last pictures are of the market close to our new house. I haven’t been able to get a picture of the live chicken booth, but that will be coming soon. Every time I go near there, the lady behind the cages has some fresh, warm, slimy chicken organ in her hand. So, I hurry on by straight to the vegetable stand. But don’t worry, I am working on the nerve to stop and get a picture and maybe even say hello.