We continue to have delays and obstacles getting permanent work visas. We feel like Paul right now when he was detained in some countries and not allowed into others. We are doing our part and jumping through all the hoops, and then we wait on God in His greater wisdom to direct our path. Pray for His will to be done in the situation.

Our daddy fish was so distraught to hear about our visa problems that he jumped right out of the bowl (which was prophesied by Carolyn). Fortunately, I was walking by when it happened so I engaged my emergency skills and got a napkin (couldn’t fathom actually touching it) and scooped him back into the bowl. So far, he is doing fine. We did lose a baby though, so we are down to six. I can’t tell if they are eating the food or if they are getting enough of anything because they are so tiny, you can’t really see them well. Sarah said that the fish jumped out because he just wanted to come out and play.

The rain continues here daily. But I hear that y’all can identify in Texas with all the rain there, too. Without a car, we are confined to the 1000 sq. ft. grounds most of the time which makes for many interesting family dynamics. The girls (and us) are still processing a lot of emotions of living in a foreign Asian culture. Pray for all of us to have hearts full of God’s love for the people here.