Sarah Grace had her interview today for the British School here, and she was accepted! First, I can’t believe there is an interview for kindergarten, and second, I have not had time to prepare to let Sarah go off to school. In the states, we would have had one more year. But here, anyone born in 2002 starts school in August. I feel like I need to pour into her everything I can think of this summer – and time is running out! They don’t call it kindergarten but Primary 1, and this school goes all the way up to 6th grade. It is near our house and actually is at the top of the mountain that we live on in a cul de sac surrounded by mountainous wilderness. None of these things help to decrease my worry except for the fact that it is near to our house. I know many of you are thinking how lovely it would be to walk her to school everyday. It is straight up a mountain for over a mile in total humidity and high heat – I’m going to have to sleep on this one. You can’t drive there due to the high traffic (and not many have cars) so most take the school bus(large charter buses). We’ll see. The curriculum is British, so Sarah will end up with a British accent, call a flashlight a torch and the trash can a rubbish bin, and know nothing about Sam Houston or Abraham Lincoln. Looks like there might be a tiny bit of homeschool supplementation in my future. click here to see more pictures.

We are having some good opportunities to get to know our neighbors. With over 14 public holidays a year here where people are off work and business halts, there seems to always be a chance to celebrate. We recently went out with two neighbor families for the Tuen Ng (Dragon Boat Fesitival) Holiday. We went to a Southeast Asian Restuarant. The kids had a fun time being together. I just tried to stay away from eating anything that was either looking back at me or that was floating in unknown murky water. We all had a really good time.